This post is for you to quickly create a site like this site (version 6) without needing extensive knowledge about the tools and techniques I used to build it. For ideas, reasons, and some tips on creating this site, you can check out this post How do I create this site (reasons and tips)?

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Before continuing, please make sure you have the following (all are free, except the custom domain):

  1. A Github account.
  2. A Vercel account for deploying the site.
  3. A Notion account.
  4. (Optional) A custom domain, such as

What does it look like in the end?

  1. The main site: This site.
  2. Demo of notion-x and all components on this website
  3. This page has the "discrete" style enabled | Thi's Site
  4. CV page
  5. Projects page
  6. Favorite Tools page
  7. Favorite Bookmarks page
  8. Blog page

How does it work?

  1. You make edits on Notion or make changes on GitHub (e.g., the style of the site).