<aside> ☝ Update 11/Sep/20: Install python on WSL2 using Miniconda.



<aside> ☝ If you use Apple M1, check note DS & ML with Mac M1.


By default, Python 2 is already installed on MacOS, you can check this by

python --version
# to be sure, check if python3 is installed?
python3 --version

Linux (Ubuntu)

Python is already installed on Ubuntu. You would like to install Anaconda, download and install it.

Wanna install Miniconda instead? 👉 Download .sh file and install inside Linux environement (including WSL2).

Jupyer Notebook

👉 Note: Jupyter notebook

<aside> ☝ If you use VSCode, you should use its Jupyter Notebook extension, it's quick, clean and very easy to use.


Anaconda contains JN in it, no need to install it again. cd to the folder you wanna work on and run

# RUN (after installing Anaconda)
python -m notebook
# If `ImportError: DLL load failed`
active base # active env "base" in anaconda
jupyter notebook

The -m option allows you to execute a module or package as a script (ref)