Scenario: I wanna control / access my comp1 (which runs Linux) from my comp2 (which runs MacOS).

Reason: I cannot work with Data Science's stuff with comp2 (Mac M1) whereas comp1 has everything (Linux, GPU,...)

<aside> ☝ Two computers must be connected to the same network!


Streaming games

In case you have a PC/Windows which playing games and you want to play these games on these machines but from another machine, let’s try Steam Link. Read this note for more: Stream games between 2 computers in the same local network.

Control visually

<aside> 💡 No Machine Service is only for the “server” side. If you wish to use a “client only” side, you don’t have to enable the No Machine Service on the client, just open the No Machine app on the client, that’s it.


<aside> ☝ Don’t use nx://, use nx://192.168.xx.xx:4000 instead!


Connect via SSH

👉 I learned from this answer. We use No Machine.

❇️ On the "server computer" (comp1 -- Linux)

# Knowing its name
# or `hostnamectl` or `cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname`
# mine: pop-os

# Knowing current user
# mine: thi
# You must know the password!!!

# Install openssh-server
sudo apt update
sudo apt install openssh-server

# Check comp1's ip
ifconfig | grep "192.168"
# mine:

Test: connect from comp1 to comp1 itself!

# type user1's password

❇️ On the "client computer" (comp2 -- MacOS)

# Connect via comp1's name
ssh [email protected]
# Type thi's password

# Connect via comp1's ip
ssh [email protected]

❇️ Disconnect