👉 Note: Fresh Ubuntu / Pop!_OS Installation. 👉 Note: Bash (Unix Shell).

<aside> ☝ Check my favorite apps on Linux.



🔅 Run MacOS apps on Linux, use Darling.

🔅 Run Android apps on Linux, use Anbox.

🔅 Find in linux with command lines ⇾ link.

🔅 Cannot move files to the trash/wrong owner ⇾ link.

🔅 Gnome screenshot ⇾ link.

🔅 Windows shrink drive in windows ⇾ link (partition, resize disk drive, hard disk).

🔅 Type Vietnamese in SublimeText, install vn ime (exactly like that). Press F2 for using.

🔅 Look and kill an app process:

ps ax | grep teamviewer # check the id
kill -9 <pid> # kill some process

🔅 Install file .bin, .run

chmod +x file-name.run

🔅 Make a script executable: chmod a+x script_file

🔅 Unzip a file,

sudo apt-get install unzip
unzip <file>
unzip <file> -d <destination>

🔅 Terminal multi windows:

sudo apt-get install terminator

🔅 Add bookmark for evince (default pdf reader)